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Faith and life

Life in the filling of the incumbent every moment reshape itself and arrange their positions and rotate functions in line with the intentions . If stopped intentions everywhere stopped life everywhere . Imagine if the life that surrounds Vick from everywhere and permeate all space in the universe is constantly on the move from atoms and molecules and the transmission of electrons , billions of electrons circulating in a part of the nano (1 millionth of a second ) in each small area , and circulated with further atoms in each places, where no time or place this book relays and harmony . Movement does not stop , but it is not a movement chaotic , but the movement regularly receive orders to move , and the orders it receives from the intentions ( Code ) , make God a system in the universe , and these intentions represented in our material Bbashr , animals and objects and creatures we see it and some do not see it . These intentions as soon as they are issued from any or some or all of those Naoyen interact with her life , and begin restructuring to become consistent with those intentions alone or collectively


= Material world virtual world

The physical world , which we see and hear and feel about the Ntdhugah and Nstmh and is visible , is the embodiment of the virtual world , which is the intent. Everything that exists is Allamugod . All located in Allamugod , ie everything that is manifested in the physical world was before his intention , as in the Hadith Quran: " Actions are but by intentions " any achievements and the business in which we live and we see all of these exist within the intentions ( " intentions " ) , any originating intentions , originally . Nothing exists without intention , and the " but " for inventory , which all business , all located , all life , is the intention . This is considered the Imam Abu Dawood Sijistani narrator Sunan that this talk , " one-third of the debt !" But in fact all life


How shape the physical world ?

The physical world is a reflection of the virtual world . The virtual world is the world in the total intentions , like the world of the great William James that he calls " public awareness "

Total Consciousness - William James

Public awareness is the awareness of each group , all intentions , all convictions of all creatures , the system commensurate with the concept of " fate " when the people of monotheistic religions . Destiny is an interactive system is a physical world , a system that handles my appreciation to send vibrations to industry events and changes commensurate with estimated . Is estimated that the combined intentions ; intentions from here is the maker of the business, as we explained

Life , if , during the manufacture of the estimated , and is estimated in the system much , and manufactured by the estimated intentions


How is the reception of the virtual world ?

All life in the world receive the information from the virtual world of the year ( Destiny , public awareness , track .. ) , from its inception. Embryo receive information and the formation of the same building regulations and its members .. According to the present in the public consciousness . Currently in the public consciousness that the fetus comes out in the form of the usual well-known human hands and two men and the head .. And it stays close to 9 months in the womb of his mother .. If it is the people of this conviction and made , for example, two and a half you'll become in the public consciousness two and a half and then you will receive future generations probably after two or three or more (depending on what we will talk about the principle of Almsagh time ) , or if Achtawa be a pregnancy two years , for example , and so on , you'll sends the public awareness of the fetus student information that pregnancy two years. This of course requires that all or most of the people are convinced that the current convictions and changed . Even animals receive from the public consciousness , which at times was forced to change those convictions ; matter of survival; because the animals in particular runs from the door always stay , this needs major , when exposed ground to environmental changes huge change some of the animals her convictions about her body and intact , he developed some ants wings Aviation , and the mice developed wings to fly and strength in Instant waveform ( the bat ) , and developed a method of sharks caught eating ( chainsaw , hammer , miniaturization , and zooming .. ) .. Even humans have developed their ideas about themselves ; proportion of beauty in general rose , and agility , height, and age , after that the proportion of living 33 years , has become today's rate of about 80 in some states, and we expect we will see many changes in our age of self. Embryo receives the same information and forms , may be 99 % of the information received and very few of intentions because of the simplified influenced by the surrounding environment . Then grow up, and unfortunate , not much change in this ratio ! ! Continue to receive from the public consciousness , approved codes : customs , traditions , and programming .. Very few people have their intentions are different from the crowd , and very, very less of them affect the public consciousness ! These are the signs , innovators , developers


All you need in life is a continuous correspondence with the track or the public awareness of the intention to avail itself , but of a different intention was to him , he made ​​his world financial default of his world . Body chemical process in which a million per second , all information , it is impossible to manufacture the intention of each one of them ! It means the intention million in the second ! ! Many of the things that the public awareness of the good , and certain life . What you want is to keep the good information and change the information is good or wo . Some good year, but a good day , some of them good than a thousand years and is a good day , some of them good yesterday and is now good , some not at all well , however most people embraced


* Questions

We want to answer a wide range fall under this theory is full after


How do we know the information is of good quality coming from the public consciousness , or the definition of Forensic much good and evil

How to be related to my individual faith only ? Bilateral two ? Collective ? Community ? World ? Cosmic ?

How do we make the intention ?

What is the period where it is the intention ?




And other questions will answer them , God willing ..


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